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Guidelines for Immigration Bond

Upon hearing that someone you love has been detained ICE officers you will want to do your best in order to get them out of the situation. Even so, when a bail bond is posted the person will be free to go until the set court date when they will have to show up to answer for the charges. Nonetheless, not everyone is lucky enough to walk away easily and it might be required that a bail bond be paid. The least amount you can pay for immigration bonds is $1500 but it will not always be set at that amount. It can reach millions of dollars for some cases. The bond has to be paid as a show of good will that the detained person will actually show up to court when he or she is required to. This amount might not be much for those who are rich but struggling families will have trouble pooling together money to get enough amount for the bond but it doesn’t have to be a problem when there are immigration bail bond companies that can assist. You will only be asked for a small percentage before they post the bail money.

Even so, not everyone will be lucky enough to get the immigration bond set. The fact that there will be court hearings to attend means that the charged person should not be viewed as a flight risk. It won’t be one court hearings but rather several of them and not attending even a single one will be a huge deal which is why the court has to be sure that you will show up. Therefore, taking measures to convince the ICE officers you are not a flight risk is essential. The bond is not an excuse to run away which is why if there is a possibility you might breach the agreement you won’t be granted the bond even when you are very capable of paying whatever sum is asked. If it is your loved one behind bars you should advise them on what to do in order to make a convincing case that they will remain in the region until they are cleared.

Also, someone who is planning to cause harm to members of the community will not be granted bail. Note that a history of an arrest does not necessarily mean you will never make bail as long as it can be shown that you were properly rehabilitated and changed your ways. You can do so much when you are free as opposed to being in jail which is why you need to fight in getting the immigration bond. No one is happy to be in jail given the horrible conditions and restricted freedom which is why you have to do your best in getting out.

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