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All About Rain Gauges

Rain gauge is an instrument used to measure the level of rainfall a particular area receives at a particular time usually one year. Some people don’t have access to a factory manufactured rain gauge, and therefore they opt to build one of their own. Building a rain gauge involves, cutting the top of the bottle where it just begins to narrow with a pair of scissors. The branding paper on the bottle should be removed, and parental guidance advised for children building a rain gauge. Some of the bottles are rarely flat, and therefore, it is important to pour out pebbles in the bottle in order to flatten out the bottom of the bottle. The essence of pouring the pebbles in the bottle is to keep the bottle steady if it is windy or the downpour is very heavy. The next step is to turn the top part of the bottle, which was cut into a funnel and fit it upside down to fit into the bottle. One should then take off the cap from the funnels and make sure that there are no gaps in the structure. One can then create their measuring line by cutting off a tape and placing it vertically on the bottle and marking it with a marker that will not fade off when it comes into contact with water. The tape used should also be waterproof as the hand-made rain gauge will be always outside when it is raining. Setting one’s rain gauge at an optimum location where it is not distracted and is on a level surface is advised.

The digital rain gauge might be very advanced and preferred because of various reasons. They both collect rainfall, but the digital one is more efficient compared to the manual made one. When one uses the digital rain gauge, they will obtain more precise measurements of rainfall experienced. This reduces work for the reader and also very fewer chances of any error occurring. The digital rain gauge can also collect daily data, weekly data, or even monthly data. The digital rain gauge offer convenience as the wireless rain gauge keeps one away from the rain as they have a collector that will automatically transmit data to the specific area that is set to be transmitted. One can switch them manually if they want to, but most digital rain gauge can transmit data over a relatively long distance. The digital rain gauge offers timelessness as one will not need to wait until the rain stop in order to know the exact measurements taken by the rain gauge. One can get real-time measurements as the rainfall and even get the temperatures outside at the comfort of their home. There is low maintenance required for the digital rain gauge as one only need to occasionally check the rain cup if it is clogged by foreign materials and remove it.?Since most digital rain gauges have batteries at the bottom of them, indicators can let one know in advance that they need to change the batteries. People, therefore, prefer digital rain gauge because it brings data to them

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