Build Your Customer Loyalty with Text Message Marketing

Building a loyal customer base is vital for a successful business. It’s those loyal customers who are going to count on to keep bringing in business, so it makes sense that the more loyal customers you have, the more successful your business will be.

While you are probably already doing several things to build up your customer loyalty, there’s one thing that you may not be doing: Text messaging them.

Text messaging can be an extremely valuable marketing tool. Need some proof? Here’s a look at some pretty impressive statistics. Once you’ve read them, visit to find out more ways you can increase customer loyalty and boost your success.

Text Message Marketing Statistics

These statistics certify how effective text message marketing can be for your business.

90{24b97e692201e1b124e735d6b50f85f08b66fc442dc611b41e60d20267af3cbb} of Cell Phone Users Read Their Texts within Minutes

It’s estimated that nearly 90{24b97e692201e1b124e735d6b50f85f08b66fc442dc611b41e60d20267af3cbb} of cell phone users read their texts messages within three minutes of delivery.

Thanks to text messaging, you can instantly communicate with your customers. In fact, people are far more likely to look at and respond to a text than they are to an email or a piece of traditional mail. Because of the ease of communication, you can easily build up your customer loyalty.

It’s Personalized

Another perk of text message marketing is that you can easily personalize the messages for each customer. For instance, when it’s a customer’s birthday, you can send out a text message that offers well wishes for a happy birthday. Can you imagine how impressed your customers will feel?

It Easily Coordinates with Email Marketing

Give your business a one-two marketing by integrating text message and email marketing.

Approximately 43{24b97e692201e1b124e735d6b50f85f08b66fc442dc611b41e60d20267af3cbb} of consumers check their emails from their mobile devices, which means that adding text messaging to the mix can do really enhance your marketing efforts, thus drastically increasing your reach – and customer loyalty.