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Fake Colognes Versus Original Colognes: How to Tell?

Colognes are favorite items of many men and women around the globe. Of course, it is not a surprise since the scent of the cologne could always make you smell good. Nevertheless, it is a fact that there are still a lot of fake perfumes being sold in the market. And even in a lot of instances, those fake ones seemed to perfectly copy the original products. So the question now is, how can you rightly choose the original perfume? Honestly speaking, this endeavor can be harder than it seem but we offer you info here that could assist you. Get ready to scour for helpful information below:

Be mindful of the price

Original colognes from reliable manufacturers typically have fix rates unless the company is offering promos and discounts. In addition to that, several brands don’t really have a high floor price of their items for some reasons. Therefore, when you see items that are significantly lowered down, then you have all the right to think that those products are fake and should be watchful.

Inspect the elements of packaging

Top manufacturers of perfume ensure that everything is of high quality standards; not just the content but the packaging, marketing, and design too The products undergoes quality assessment and control to ensure that all items made available for sale are within the standard of quality.

Check the tubing and sprayer quality

Most original colognes (or perfumes) are made to produce fine mist rather than squirts. However, some brands may provide a squirting perfume so you might need to do your own research of a particular brand first before you can say that a certain product is fake.

Inspect the labels especially the how the words are constructed

We have mentioned that great perfume brands have excellent packaging of their items. Definitely, right labeling should never be missed. Carefully inspect if the words are printed correctly; with the right spelling and grammar, and excellent readability. Moreover, the design and printed stuff should not be erased easily. If in the contrary, then there is a great chance the product is fake.

Purchase Only Directly from the Manufacturer or from the Official Distributors

Sometimes, no matter how much you scrutinize a product, it would really look the same as the original brand until you use it and find out the real difference. And so to ensure that you will be buying the original, then it would be best to buy only from a trusted official distributor.

Using a perfume in your day-to-day life is great. However, always remember that fake perfumes exist and among the methods to get rid of buying these items is to check the price, inspect the packaging, examine the tubing and spraying, check the quality of labeling, and of course, directly purchasing products from the manufacturer or from a reliable and official perfume distributor.

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