Ways to Market Your Restaurant Website

The restaurant industry is an uncertain market, with many new places closing within the first year. It takes a lot of hard work, a solid menu and correct marketing to keep a food-driven business afloat and even more dedication for those who want it to thrive. Marketing is crucial to any industry, but especially with a locally-based eatery. You’ll need to establish a repertoire within your community to encourage long-lasting relationships with your clientele. Build a website for your customers to peruse and register with http://www.register.com/, as you learn how to bring customers in and grow their desire to become repeat patrons.

  • Know your clientele and market to their interests. If you’ve created a business plan, this should be the easiest step. It simply takes researching the demographic within your community to begin a dialogue that caters to how they communicate. For example, trendy, locally-sourced industries should promote their farms and local vendors used to source your menu items. By knowing your niche you can concentrate your time and effort on a more successful campaign.
  • Use social networking to spread the word about your establishment. Encourage your employees to like your page to bring your restaurant into a variety of newsfeeds. You might even consider purchasing ad space on this valuable marketing tool, which can target your audience and bring the right demographic to your website. Update your statuses on a regular basis and respond directly to happy and unhappy customers. You can also use this page for promotions, nightly specials and the like. All of these are valuable tools for encouraging old and new customers to visit your restaurant.
  • Update your website on a regular basis, including photographs. Spend the extra money for professional photographs that truly make your most popular dishes shine. These images are the best marketing tool for your product.