The 3 Best Gifts for the Mac Enthusiast

From queuing up hours or even days in advance to always upgrading to the latest Apple product, Apple devotees love their Apple products. If you know someone who would never consider getting a laptop or desktop that wasn’t a Mac, a gift for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or other special occasion celebrating her love for Mac products is sure to appeal to her.

Antivirus for Mac

There’s a common myth that Mac users don’t need to worry about antivirus protection, but that’s not true. Purchase antivirus software like the one you’ll find here: Offer to pay for a year’s subscription or even to renew the subscription annually. Antivirus programs protect not just against computer-destroying viruses, but also against the more invisible cyber threats like spyware and password phishing. The right programs discourage also users from visiting potentially harmful websites in the first place and block emails that are potentially harmful.

Comprehensive Security Program

If your friend or family member really loves Apple, he owns more than just a Mac computer. Instead of just protecting his laptop or desktop, offer to purchase a maximum or premium security program that protects multiple devices, including iPhones. These programs even offer secure cloud data storage and include a password manager for multiple websites and accounts. Before you buy antivirus software, discuss which program would best suit the Apple devotee’s needs.

Apple Store Gift Card

Apple enthusiasts don’t just spend money on Apple hardware. They frequent iTunes and the Apple store for music, movies, books and apps. Give her an Apple store gift card so she can stock up on the digital files she uses on her Apple hardware. Make sure her computer and iPhone are protected and she doesn’t download files from obscure, potentially virus-riddled websites by giving her antivirus software, too.

Apple Accessories

From iPhone cases to laptop bags to screen protectors and mice, there are a myriad of Apple accessories from which to choose. Accessories are something your friend can always use more of. It needn’t be expensive, either. For example, give him stickers to put on the back of his laptop that show off his favorite bands or movies.

Since the most devoted Mac enthusiast likely already has the latest hardware, you can’t buy him a Mac computer or Apple phone for a gift. Instead, give accessories and antivirus programs to keep their Mac products safe and easy to use.