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How to Avoid Buying Fake Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is something that both men and women every day. They have become an essential part of our life. The jewelry has been used to attract the opposite sex as they are a sign of love and affection. They bring esteem because they give you confidence and a strong feeling, especially when meeting someone. It is vital to note that jewelry is important because it helps us understand and also actualize the best of ourselves.

Jewelry is a precious thing, and therefore someone scrupulous people can sell you fake ones. Buying fake jewelry is more likely, especially when you are making online purchases or getting it from a jeweler that you do not know. In this article, we will look at some of the ways to identify fake jewelry easily.

The best way to avoid buying fake jewelry is by being careful about where you are buying. In the market, there are many dealers. You should, therefore, research to make sure that the dealer is genuine. You should note that some of them are unethical, and they want to make fast money through fake products. If you are looking for a unique dealer in Queens, NY, quick research on the internet will be helpful. Online reviews will help you know the experience of past customers. If in any instance, the jeweler has sold fake jewelry, there will be complaints. Only work with someone with an outstanding reputation.

If you want only to get the genuine product, then you must check the return policy of the dealer. If any jeweler does not have the return policy, then avoid them like fire. This is because it put you at risk but favors them. It is vital to note that the return policy accord you with adequate time to check the authenticity of the jewelry that you just ordered. If, after scrutinizing it, you are not satisfied, you just send it back for an exchange or refund.

If the product has a diamond, then you should check whether it has a certificate. Diamond always has a certificate showing whether it is genuine or not. Therefore, do not close the deal before getting the certification. If they hesitate to provide you with so, then that is no genuine product.

For the gold jewelry, a magnet should be used in the verification. Gold cannot, in any case, be attracted to a magnet. For the fake magnet, the magnet will get slightly or more stuck on it.

Check the jewelry before closing the deal. A genuine product should be smooth. A fake one is soldered. Another feature of fake jewelry is getting a dent once you slightly bite it. Look at the appearance of the product. It is supposed to have a natural shine. The uniqueness of the shine depends on the material that is used. Some of them are polished using rhodium, which makes them shine white. The kind of shine will determine whether what you are buying is fake or not.

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